Arts Commission

Arts Commission meetings typically take place the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm in Public Services Conference Room A.  Please call Planning (248) 796-4150 prior to the meeting date to confirm.

Arts Commission Members
Ronald Barry (term expires:  2/22/18)
Brian Craigo (term expires: 2/22/19)
Skip Davis (term expires:  2/22/18)
Delores Flagg (term expires:  2/22/20)
Harvey Goldstein (term expires:  2/23/20)
Deborah M. Kashdan (term expires:  2/23/20)
Jeffrey Ligan (term expires:  4/23/20)
Robert McTaggart (term expires:  2/23/18)
Jerome Pizana (term expires:  2/22/20)
Jay Reid (term expires:  )

Arts Commission Ex-Officio Staff Members
Terry Croad, Director of Planning
Dave Ewick, City Librarian
Terry Fields, Parks & Recreation

City Staff Liaison
Terry Croad, Director of Planning

Miscellaneous Documents & Forms
Arts Commission Bylaws (pdf)
Ordinance #1657 (pdf)
Ordinance #1674 (pdf)
Public Arts Guide 5-5-17 (pdf)
Public Art Requirement Handout (pdf)

Meeting Minutes
Coming Soon